Zoe Calico Cat, Mascot for Ethical Entrepreneurs


Zoe is my calico cat with green eyes and she brings good luck for startups and solopreneurs. She lives with me and hangs out while I work from home office as a marketing coach. She’ll want to also greet you with Mew if we’re on Zoom or Skype. Calicos are believed to bring good luck in the folklore of many cultures, including the US, and is referred to as money cats.

The symbol of the money cat is aka as the lucky cat in Feng Shui; it is most commonly used in businesses, such as retail stores, restaurants and offices open to the public. The lucky cat or money cat is mainly used as a wealth and prosperity cure, as well to attract good luck. 🙂

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History of Calico Cats: The existence of patches in calico cats was traced in a study determining the migration of domesticated cats along trade routes in Europe and Northern Africa. The proportion of cats having the orange mutant gene found in calicoes was traced to the port cities along the Mediterranean in France, Spain and Italy, originating from Egypt.

Maneki-Neko, or “The beckoning cat”: A symbol whose origins goes back to 1870’s in Japan. Calicos were seen as a good luck omen and to this day are placed in the entrances of homes and businesses everywhere.  There’s a meaning behind which paw the cat is holding up. If it’s the left paw, this is supposed to attract customers. If the right paw is raised, this invites good fortune and money. When Fortune Cat has both of its paws in the air, this represents protection.


Maneki Neko Statues: A finely dressed cat usually adorned with a bib, collar, and bell. In the Edo period, it was common for wealthy people to dress their pet cats this way; a bell was tied to the collar so that owners could keep track of their cats’ whereabouts. Long ago, Japanese sailors saw calico cats as companions of good luck and brought them along on their ocean voyages. Calicos were believed to chase away storms and angry, ancestral ghosts onboard.

Calico Colours: Spotted, with patches of two different colours symbolizes extreme luck. It should be a favorite among many. Sometimes called “money cats” in the U.S. due to the myth that calicos can be sold at top dollar. Breeding for calicos is near impossible as the genetic configuration is unpredictable, and most male cats are sterile and aren’t really of any higher monetary value than other cats. The calico cat became the official state cat of Maryland in 2001, chosen because the calico’s colors resemble that of an Oriole, Maryland’s state bird. The Maryland Orioles baseball team also wears these colors.

Calico Cats Are 99% Female: For a cat to have a calico or tortoiseshell fur pattern, it must have a genetic structure containing two X chromosomes, the single, most elemental trait that defines a female mammal. All fur colors besides white are inscribed into the genetic coding of the X chromosome. For more than one color in order, to be calico or tortoiseshell, a cat must, then, have XX (female) chromosomes. However, male calicos have an extra chromosome. Instead of being XX or XY, male calicos have a very rare XXY karotype.

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