Google Supports Local Businesses With Local Marketing Services

Why Local Marketing Services in 2018?

I’ve discovered Google founders are real philanthropists and they want to help the “little guy”, not just big advertisers with local marketing services. That includes the Google Local Guide program where guides review, add photos, answer questions or add unverified locations and are rewarded with points. These contributors can improve their levels and rankings simply by posting this information. Each level also allows the user to qualify for different events and activities within the Local Guide community.

The Google Local Guide program fits in with local marketing services – local SEO or local lead generation, where millions of customers use local search every day to find the best local businesses in their area. Local marketing services can help get a business in front of local customers at the exact time they’re looking for products or services.

As a Google Local Guide Level 5, I can help fix local business listings to perform better. I also have credibility with over 10 years experience providing marketing and content strategy with onsite SEO for corporations. So local marketing is a natural transition. Other local marketing services include:

Search Leads for Any Local Business

I use a proven-to-work software to search for leads for any niche and any location for local SEO, local citations and local lead generation. There are many options to easily filter only the leads with problems that can be fixed.

Generate Local Report for Your Specific Needs

I can generate a Local Report for leads in any niche. This part of the discovery process will uncover the problems a local small business owner has. These can range from from Yelp, to Google local listings, to Google Rich Snippets and more!

After learning everything about your local business, I can show what problems are online and provide a local marketing services solution.

Local Marketing Services Range From $499 to $2499

  • Keyword research & local SEO
  • Website SEO audit – analyze your website to identify the areas that need improvement
  • Competitor analysis – identify keywords of your top competitors
  • Keyword research – research keywords your customers use to find similar businesses
  • Onsite SEO – optimize your webpages and blog posts with keywords to improve search ranking
  • Local SEO – provide NAP analysis and optimize Yelp and Google places
  • Local citation audit & fix – Full citation audit, 30 local directory citations and 5 photos submitted 3 times for 3 different photo sharing sites
  • Press release writing & distribution – increase outreach for your business locally so your ideal clients can find your business online
  • Other local marketing services as required!

To learn more about Local Marketing Services, contact Liza J. Lee.