Starting An Online Business Part-time

Options to Starting An Online Business

In this post, I will provide ways to starting an online business. Here’s my story:

In 2016, I was a freelance copywriter, content strategist, marketer and publicist for over 10 years. My typical contract with an agency or marketing department would take 2 to 3 months to close and would be part-time or full-time for 6 to 12 months. Even though I received referrals, I still needed at least 2 to 6 new prospects in the pipeline at all times, on top of delivering these services.

That’s because it is a constant juggle of networking and reaching out on LinkedIn for agencies, hiring managers and business owners with sales prospecting. Since I’m already working full-time, I could only look at freelancing.

Shifting Mindset About Sales With Starting An Online Business

In January 2017, I started the Marketing Startup Secrets blog to document my research into online training businesses, using OptimizePress theme and plugins and coaching at workshops and online. There are three online training methods: 1) direct sales training using copy/paste ads, 2) creating and promoting your own training and 3) affiliate marketing training. With all 3 options, you can leverage these training as an online coach.

Why Direct Sales Training to Starting An Online Business?

For 2018, I had to shift my mindset about sales to helping others. That’s where I was stuck as I did not see myself as a sales person and I believe that’s a common barrier for others too. I signed up with direct sales training with a simple training of copy/paste ads. I had to shift my mindset that this is not about selling something others don’t want, it’s about helping others achieve their goals.

Why? When you start ANY online business, you’ll need to focus on outreach for your ideal customers to start getting sales. That’s because no one knows about your new business. Next, even if you have only one hour per day, your daily activities should include outreach, list building and content, (about 20 minutes each). This daily process applies whether it’s for direct sales members, affiliate marketers, digital product creators, online coaches or e-commerce vendors.

Examples of Direct Sales Outreach for Starting An Online Business:

  • Facebook Messenger
  • LinkedIn, Skype or Gmail Messengers
  • Answering Emails from Prospects
  • Emailing Your List Daily
  • Phoning Your Circle of Influence
  • Google Hangouts or Zooms
  • Facebook Live Videos
  • Offline Meetings Such as Meetups

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