Marketing Startup Secrets 2017 Workshops

2017 was the first time I produced workshops; they were fun and well-attended. Now, I’ve added the workshop content under Resources so you can access them with a special guide I’m gifting.

  • 3-Steps Guide to Startup Online – Free report below! Here are a few highlights:

To Start An Online Business in 2018, You Must Know Your Ideal Customers

  • Defining your target market is hard. Once you know who your ideal customers are, you can effectively reach them.
  • It took me a lot of trials and errors to discover ideal customers by identifying with their situation and pain.

Then the #1 marketing startup secret is… the message must appeal to their wants and not their needs:

  1. Define Your Customer Avatar
  2. Meet Your Ideal People Locally
  3. Use a Proven Method to Scale Globally

Here’s the step-by-step guide on how to start an online business locally and to grow globally:

I’ll also send you a separate email with the membership access for the 2017 Workshops!

  • Crowdfunding Video Clips & Presentations – Presentations and Video Clips on Crowdfunding Success at The Tribe, Vancouver
  • New! Get Your Hobbies & Passion Online – Case Study, Presentations, Recorded Screencasts Training and More at Creative Co-workers, Vancouver

Have a Happy New Year 2018!

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