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Why Focus on Outreach to Start Any Online Business?

Start with mindset and get clear with your why. This will help you stay motivated.

When you start ANY online business, you’ll need to focus on outreach for your ideal customers to start getting sales. That’s because no one knows about your new business. (Download Customer Avatar Cheatsheet.)

Next, even if you have only one hour per day, your daily activities should include outreach, list building and content, (about 20 minutes each). This daily process applies whether it’s for direct sales members, affiliate marketers, digital product creators, online coaches or e-commerce vendors. Why? Outreach is necessary even with a one-time event.

For example, if you promote a business launch event for lead generation on Facebook, Meetup and Eventbrite, these platforms will get prospects to RSVP and show up. But to monetize this event, you still need to do outreach for vendors and sponsors, as well as to follow up with prospects to talk about your business.

1. Examples of Outreach for Any Online Business:

  • Facebook Messenger
  • LinkedIn, Skype or Gmail Messengers
  • Answering Emails from Prospects
  • Emailing Your List Daily
  • Phoning Your Circle of Influence
  • Google Hangouts or Zooms
  • Facebook Live Videos
  • Offline Meetings Such as Meetups

Why You Need List-Building For Any Online Business?

List building is necessary for ANY business online. You need to drive visitors to your lead capture page to build an email list with auto-responders to nurture leads. I’ve done this for a small mortgage business and really big companies to help meet their sales targets. Even if you’re starting a home-based business online, you also need to build an email list such as on GetResponse from day one.

Why You Need Paid Ads For Any Online Business?

Even if it’s just $5 a day (price of a Starbucks latte), set aside this amount consistently. When you have more of a marketing budget, invest some of your profits back into paid ads. That’s because free or no cost marketing takes time to generate results, so it’s important to always have at least ONE paid ongoing advertising. Just focus only on ONE paid traffic source until you master it.

2. Examples of Paid Advertising for List Building for Any Online Business:

  • Solo Ads (Email Ads)
  • Banner Ads
  • Classified Ads
  • Craigslist Ads
  • Facebook PPC
  • Youtube PPC
  • Bing PPC
  • Stumbleupon PPC
  • Direct Mail Postcards

Why You Need A Website and Regular Content For Any Online Business?

Even if you start with just a landing page with footer links to compliance pages on your website, you need content with links back to it to convert your leads by providing them with a valuable lead magnet such as a free guide. Content can also attract more leads to you through search engines or social media to convert your current leads or social media following to sales. Finally, if you receive commissions for affiliate sales, you will need a disclosure.

3. Examples of Regular Content With Links Back to Your Blog:

  • Facebook Posts
  • Twitter Posts
  • LinkedIn Posts
  • Google+ Posts
  • Pinterest Posts
  • Youtube Videos
  • Forum Posts
  • Article Posts

Protect Your Direct Sales or Affiliate Links 

It’s important to protect your direct sales or affiliate links from people not wanting to click on your link or hackers stealing your commissions. It’s not just direct sales members or affiliates who should be worried. Product creators are losing sales as well. Learn more below.

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Even though some companies have affiliate programs, their own policies may not allow affiliate marketing alone, unless you have your own products and services. For example, I promote my own branded Kindle Ebook (see footer) and a branded workshop on this branded website. That’s why you need a website.

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