Resources – DYI Video Training for Digital Products ($27 Videos Only)

How to Setup Proven Automated Online Sales Funnel in 17 Modules (100% Guarantee)

I completed the DYI video training to learn how to turn my knowledge into marketing workshops for creatives and changemakers, including defining your target market or customer avatar. The presentations and video clips are now online on Marketing Startup Secrets:

  • Defining your target market is hard. Once you know who your ideal customers are, you can effectively reach them.
  • To market to your target audience, you must empathize with them by identifying with their situation and pain.
  • This includes your prospects wants and needs. Your marketing must appeal to their wants and not their needs.

Get the Bonus Training Below To Learn How To:

1. Define Your Customer Avatar

Start with a local reach to build your tribe. Learn how to find your tribe so you can talk to real prospects about your offer and more!

2. Meet Your Ideal Prospects Locally

Discover easy and popular mobile tools to find your ideal and qualified prospects in your community to convert them into customers.

3. Use a Proven Method to Scale Globally

After launching and validating your offer, automate your marketing to convert more leads on a startup budget of only $10!

Case study: $50 Facebook Ads budget to get 857 mostly local fans and 1870 mostly local members for The Art Party.

You’ll also learn how to turn your hobbies, and passions into a location-free digital online business.

These Proven Methods Help Give You the Freedom to Work as Little as a Few Hours Per Day Part-Time. Once you have some online experience, add your own products and services. This helps you standout and differentiate from your competition.

What You Will Discover Inside The Prosperity Formula…

Module # 1 – Niche “Profit Validation”: How to Make Sure You Actually Make A Profit

Module #2 – Creating Your Customer Avatar

Module #3 – Laying the Foundation

Module #4 – The Prosperity Formula

Module #5 – The Prosperity Formula Profit Process

Module #6 – Audience Attraction

Module #7 – The Solution Selling System

Module #8 – Building a Loyal Fanbase

Module #9 – Building a Loyal Fanbase: Generating Leads

Module #10 – Your Profit Multipliers

Module #11 – Your Automated Follow-Up Machine

Module #12 – Communicating and Building Trust with Your Audience

Module #13 – Building Bridges

Module # 14 – Unlimited Stream of Buyer Traffic Using Facebook Ads

Module #15 – Free Traffic Strategies

Module #16 – Testing, Tweaking, and Perfecting Your Funnel

Module #17 – Your Six-Figure Blueprint

100% Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee!  

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