Over 50 Online Tools To Start A Business

[Free To Start] A Business Online Tools

Happy 2017! I started putting together a list of over 50 online tools to start a business in 2017, after attending several workshops at Spring, a social impact tech startup school for entrepreneurs. At a brainstorming session with Spring staff, I asked about The Art Party (social club), which promoted a few local art events and charity fundraisers. It grew to thousands of fans and members on Facebook, but had no website and no offers. It was a situation where The Art Party built a tribe, but not a business. The Spring group unanimously advised me to start a Meetup and promote it to the Facebook fans and members. After one year, the Meetup has over 1,000 social innovation members.

I was also working for several successful micro businesses from 2015 to 2016 when I developed the content using The Art Party as one of the case studies for my Amazon Kindle ebook. I started to write in 2016 about micro businesses and turned some of the blog posts into content for my ebook and website to make money online.

I launched the a Step-by-Step Marketing Guide on Amazon Kindle January 14, 2017 and 180 ebooks were downloaded in 10 days. It was proof of concept so I completed the website for my Kindle book. This educational site includes a list of +50 online tools to start your business. I’ve used many of these with good results. I selected these online marketing tools with mobile apps as these will likely continue to benefit users.

This new site is for ethical entrepreneurs to micro businesses (0 to 5 employees). These are small and home based startups that can be started around $2500, whereas the average business startup is $30,000. Therefore, online marketing tools free or free to start to provide some marketing automation can benefit these startups.

Access my Step-by-Step Guide for Marketing Startup Secrets below.

This FREE bonus is inspired by attending and promoting workshops for Spring, a global startup school for entrepreneurs who are changemakers in social impact technology.

Free To Start Online Tools To Start A Business

Alexa Tool (Website Ranking) – http://www.alexa.com/toolbar

Bit.ly (URL Shortener) – https://bitly.com/

Blogger (Blog Publishing) – https://www.blogger.com

Canva (Simple Graphic Design Software) – http://canva.com

Digg (Social News Aggregator) – http://digg.com/

Dropbox (Online Storage) – https://www.dropbox.com

Eventbrite (Online Ticketing) – https://www.eventbrite.com

Facebook Live (Live Webinars) – https://live.fb.com/

Fiverr (Services from $5) – https://www.fiverr.com/

Flickr (Photo Sharing) – https://www.flickr.com/

Google Calendar (Scheduling) – https://calendar.google.com

Google Drive (Online Storage) – https://www.google.com/drive/

Grammarly (Grammar Check) – https://www.grammarly.com/

Groupon (Local Coupon Deals) – https://www.groupon.com/

Hootsuite (Social Media Management) – https://hootsuite.com/

Hubspot for Startups (Only $5/month) – hubspot.com/startups