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+50 Online Marketing Tools Free or Free to Start for Micro Businesses

I’ve been doing marketing contracts for mostly corporate marketing departments and established agencies that focus on professional services marketing since 2001, starting with AQUENT (creative outsourcing agency for Fortune 1000 companies).

Then in 2015, I attended several workshops at Spring, a social impact tech startup school for entrepreneurs. At a brainstorming session with Spring staff, I asked about The Art Party (social club), which promoted a few local art events and charity fundraisers. It grew to thousands of fans and members on Facebook, but had no website and no offers. It was a situation where The Art Party built a tribe, but not a business. The Spring group unanimously advised me to start a Meetup and promote it to the Facebook fans and members. After one year, the Meetup has over 1,000 members.

I was also working for several successful micro businesses from 2015 to 2016 when I developed the content using The Art Party as one of the case studies for my Amazon Kindle ebook. I started to blog about micro businesses and turned some of the blog posts into content for my ebook and website.

I launched the a Step-by-Step Marketing Guide on Amazon Kindle January 14, 2017 and 180 ebooks were downloaded in 10 days. It was proof of concept so I completed the website for my Kindle book. This educational site includes a list of +50 online marketing tools free or free to start to get you more sales. I’ve used many of these with good results. I selected these online marketing tools with mobile apps as these will likely continue to benefit users.

This new site is for ethical entrepreneurs to micro businesses (0 to 5 employees). These are small and home based startups that can be started around $2500, whereas the average business startup is $30,000. Therefore, online marketing tools free or free to start to provide some marketing automation can benefit these startups.

Access my Step-by-Step Guide for Marketing Startup Secrets below. This FREE bonus is inspired by attending and promoting workshops for Spring, a global startup school for entrepreneurs who are changemakers in social impact technology.

Alexa Tool (Website Ranking) – (URL Shortener) –

Blogger (Blog Publishing) –

Canva (Simple Graphic Design Software) –

Digg (Social News Aggregator) –

Dropbox (Online Storage) –

Eventbrite (Online Ticketing) –

Facebook Live (Live Webinars) –

Fiverr (Services from $5) –

Flickr (Photo Sharing) –

Google Calendar (Scheduling) –

Google Drive (Online Storage) –

Grammarly (Grammar Check) –

Groupon (Local Coupon Deals) –

Hootsuite (Social Media Management) –

Hubspot for Startups (Only $5/month) –

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+50 Online Marketing Tools