Free Traffic Is Not Fast, But Can Attract Your Target Audience

Below are seven no cost traffic methods for your online business. With any traffic method, master one before going onto another traffic method. These free traffic methods are based on backlinks to your webpage or blog post. Backlinks boost your authority and increases your site’s ranking for organic search results. A high-quality backlink tells search engines your site is an authority within its niche.

No Cost Traffic Method 1: Video Marketing

Create informational videos on Powerpoint with bullet points and voice overs. You can use a free screen capture software which allows you to capture what is on your screen. Once you’re done, you can post your Powerpoint videos on with links back to your site.

No Cost Traffic Method 2: Web 2.0 Hubs

This traffic method involves creating content rich pages of content on popular sites. These sites already have lots of traffic coming to them, such as and

No Cost Traffic Method 3: Free Blogs and Websites

Free blogs and websites are another good strategy to reach a target audience and search engines. You can start a blog on and

No Cost Traffic Method 4: Article Marketing

This is free advertising and viral marketing on busy sites with millions of unique visitors looking for answers. The top two sites for this are and

No Cost Traffic Method 5: RSS Feeds

You can then submit to, one of the free RSS feed sites. There are plenty of other free ones doing a search engine keyword search to find them.

No Cost Traffic Method 6: Forum Marketing

Search on Google for your niche market with the word forum behind it to find forums. Go to and typing in your niche market.

No Cost Traffic Method 7: Online Directories / Classifieds

Post your website link in the appropriate category online. Many directories and classified offer free listings, but they expire after a period of time. Some good examples include and