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Networking Introductions at Networking Events

Basic Networking Introduction to Launch Your Business Locally

  • Your name and business name or profession
  • I help these people (name your ideal customers)
  • With this problem (their problem, as they see it/relate to it of the “before picture”)
  • And/or who want this result (the benefit of the “after picture”)

For Longer Networking Introductions Include

  • By providing this (product/service)
  • What makes me different is (unique selling proposition sets you apart)
  • If you offer a service that people may not be familiar with, compare what you do to something completely different the audience is already familiar with.

Client Success Story Networking Introduction

People remember and relate better to stories. Create success stories about those customers that are closest to your ideal buyer persona. If your customer success story is too generic, you lose the power of telling a real story. That’s why it’s best to include specific details about your client, like how they tailor your product or service to their own needs.

This is also a great way to respond when someone asks you to tell them more about what you do. This format can also work with a formal introduction.

Step 1: Problem your customer had.

Step 2: What you did for your customer.

Step 3: Results your customer received.

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