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New 3-Steps Guide: To Start Your Online Business Fast 

Step-by-Step No Filler Content for QUICKEST Way to Get Started:

You don’t have to waste your time and guess how to start your online business…

I’ll be showing you exactly what you need to do here:

  • STEP 1: How to Setup Your Sales Funnel Quickly and Easily Today.
  • STEP 2: How to Get the Right Offers With Upsells for Your Traffic.
  • STEP 3: How to Find the Right Traffic to Build Your Email List.

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Free or Free to Start: Online Tools for More Sales (Value $27)

+50 Online Marketing Tools Free or Free to Start to Get You More Sales So You Can Work ANYWHERE for Location Freedom. As a solopreneur to micro business owner (0 to 5 employees), you often wear many hats so you need effective technology to use or to easily delegate to free up your time…

Workshop 1: New! Get Your Hobbies & Passion Online (Value $197)

Case Study, Presentations, Recorded Screencasts Training and More at Creative Co-workers:

  • 5 Market Research Shortcut Templates for Your Ideal Customers
  • Case Study: Marketing Startup Secrets With Facebook Insights 
  • Automate Your Marketing on a Startup Budget of $10

Workshop 2: Crowdfunding Video Clips & Presentations (Value $99)

Presentations and Video Clips on Crowdfunding Success at The Tribe:

  • Keynote Speaker, Daryl Hatton, CEO of Fundrazr on Crowdfunding Success
  • Speaker, Mirey Faema from Changemaker Marketing on Tools & Strategies
  • Speaker, Daniel Moscovitch from Sustainable Visibility on Facebook Ads
  • Speaker, Little Woo on planning with participation, funding or support

How To Articles: From Startup to Online Marketing (Value $27)

To Help You Get Answers to These Questions:

1. How to learn who is your ideal customer / customer avatar?
2. How to figure out core problem do you solve for ideal customers?
3. How to use research methods to find your competitors?
4. How to discover your competitive advantage / positioning statement?
5. How do you set up a lead magnet to solve a core problem for prospects?
6. How do you follow-up your leads with effective email autoresponders?
7. How to create your low-ticket offer to first-time customers?
8. How to know your customer acquisition cost for your product / service?
9. How to use proven landing page templates to convert leads into sales?
10. How to leverage marketing and sales automation tools to grow your business?

Bonus #1: Marketing Step-by-Step Guide – Quick & Easy Tools to Get You More Sales – Liza J. Lee (Value $7)

Most small businesses in Canada and US have 5 or fewer employees. These are called micro businesses. The lines between business development, marketing and sales are often blurred for these solo-entrepreneurs to micro businesses.

This ebook is based on working with successful service providers who are self-made millionaires. It includes the SECRETS these successful micro-businesses used to create financial freedom and leave lasting legacies.

This guide will help you get more sales using mobile marketing tools, as well as real strategies that have stood the test of time.

You’ll also learn about a passive income back-end system to generate sales leads 24/7.

Bonus #2: 100s of Private Label Rights to Edit (Value $17)

Use it for Free to Build Your Email List for Wealth, Health and Relationships:

  1. Editable word documents from internet marketing to make money online
  2. Editable word documents from dating and improving relationships
  3. Editable word documents from weight loss to fitness and health

BONUS #3: Reseller Rights: Social Media Training (Value $27)

  1. Editable word documents for the complete social media training
  2. Editable word documents for lead magnet, sales pages and emails
  3. Editable word documents for high-quality articles for traffic links

EMAIL INVITE: Free Facebook Live Online Marketing

Marketing Coaching

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