Marketing Retainer Package:
$497 (5 Sessions)

Grow Your Ethical Micro Business to the Next Level   

Already started your online business? Are you a service provider (consultant, coach, trainer, speaker or freelance contractor)? Need help getting unstuck and creating positive, forward momentum to grow your business? Then this package is for you!

For all new client engagements, we begin with a marketing audit to discover your current state and to identify the future state deliverables to grow your business in the Marketing Roadmap.

Our Marketing Retainer Package starts with an 8-Step Marketing Audit and Customer Avatar Questionnaire. This provides the all-important ’road map’ to ensure your marketing activities are focused, targeted and carefully aligned with your business goals and objectives:

  • 5 personal sessions (scheduled calls) to help you develop a customized marketing plan of action for service providers.
  • Priority email support post marketing strategy session for 8-Step Marketing Audit and Customer Avatar Questionnaire.

We’ll also review your customer acquisition funnel and answer any questions you may have:

  1. Brand Identity and Brand Standards
  2. Advertising (TV, Radio, Transit, PPC, Print), PR, DM and Social Media)
  3. Marketing Collateral (Brochures, Educational Materials)
  4. Online Content (Webpages, Blogging, Opt-ins, Offers, Webinars and Whitepapers)
  5. SEO (Onsite and Offsite)
  6. Email Marketing (Newsletters, Lead Nurturing Programs and CRM Integration)
  7. Community Outreach Programs (Trade shows)
  8. Partnership Programs (Joint Ventures and Affiliate Programs)
  9. Referral Programs (Identify Opportunities for targeted Current and Recent Clients)
  10. CRM System (Sales Tracking from Lead, Pre-Qualified, Presented and to Win / Close)

Customized Marketing Roadmap for Services

The customized Marketing Roadmap enables you to grow your revenue while leveraging the latest marketing best practices to create competitive advantage for your services. You’ll gain a highly-customized engagement based on your specific situation from the Marketing Audit, along with a plan of action to improve your customer acquisition funnel with deliverables and timelines.

Customized Marketing Roadmap Example for a Travel Blog with Sponsors:

  • SESSION 1: Marketing Audit & Roadmap
  • SESSION 2: Landing Page & Email Automation
  • SESSION 3: Lead Generation & Conversion
  • SESSION 4: Content Strategy & Marketing
  • SESSION 5: Market Validation & Monetization


21-Step Business Training System (Value $49)

  • Going digital allows you higher profit margins due to its low delivery costs as an additional income source
  • Top Tier business allows you to make maximum profits from day one through selling high-ticket programs
  • Because of what it takes to advertise and grow a business successful, having Top Tier products is a must
  • You simply can’t run a $100,000-plus business selling low-end products, no matter how incredible it is!

Business Pro Theme on Your Blog on Your Own URL on Your Hosting Account:  

  • Mobile Responsive Theme (This Site Theme Value $59): Professional Business WordPress Blog
  • Recommended for your own new domain name and hosting account:

$497 (5 Sessions)

No refunds on Marketing Retainer Package for 5 Coaching Sessions after completion of session 1 of marketing audit and roadmap. $49 credit applied for upgrades from the 21-Step Online Business Training to the Marketing Retainer Package for 5 Coaching Sessions.

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