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[Attract Your Tribe] With Your Marketing Concept

My marketing concept for crowdfunding for creatives and changemakers resulted in over 70 attendees at the live workshop at The Tribe and another 50 on the livecast (Zoom, Facebook Live and Google Hangouts). There was a total audience engagement of 120 offline and online live event. I will be using this particular event as a case study for this website. Every startup is unique and results will vary.

In this case study, the reason for the high turnout was the matching of the target audience or persona or customer avatar of creatives and changemakers to the messaging:

The Art Party is co-producing workshops at The Tribe, tech startup collaboration space in 2017 to help 270 creatives and changemakers get their projects funded. Changemakers are the force of social evolution and every one of us can become one through collaboration and being part of something greater. Crowdfunding already has a successful track record funding artistic and creative projects, or community-oriented social entrepreneurship projects.

The Art Party had built up an audience of over 10,000 social media contacts on Facebook (including 5000 Friends, over 2000 Fans and 2000 Group Members), Twitter and Instagram in Vancouver. As endorser of Earth Charter® for a just, sustainable, and peaceful planet and participated in the annual Earth Charter Day at DUDOC Vancouver, The Art Party promotes events that inspire changemakers.

The Art Party target audience or persona is involved in social innovation, a conscious business person and is savvy. With the advice of Spring, The Art Party spun off Vancouver Social Innovation Meetup in 2015 for “conscious + savvy innovators”. The Meetup grew to over 1,000 members in 2016. Having the alignment of the persona representing the tribe to the messaging for the crowdfunding event resulted in a high turnout with a lot of audience engagement, offline and online.

The live event speakers covered:

  • The difference between rewards-based crowdfunding, fundraising & equity crowdfunding.
  • Why some campaigns fail and others succeed.
  • Strategies for planning and launching a successful rewards-based campaign.
  • How to use Facebook Ads to build your social media following and promote your campaign.

Here is the link to the videos:

Create Your Marketing Concept To Launch Your Startup

Before you can launch a business or a website to make money online, you need to know who your audience is by developing a customer avatar. This allows you to learn as much as possible about your potential customers. The more you know about them, the easier it will be to engage them with your message. We want to find out everything possible about the folks in our target demographic. The more precise we can get on our laser targeting, the better our marketing will perform.

Customer avatars are only one important part of the puzzle. Another piece is to make sure you reach your customer exactly where they are. You should understand their pain points. People are either moved from pleasure or pain. They want to be moved away from their current pain and suffering. They’ll take any action that will remove them from that pain. If they are moved by pleasure, then you will need to provide incentives.

How to Create Your Customer Avatar Questionnaire

* A customer avatar is a detailed profile of your target customer. This will help you write your marketing message to reach that specific person. This is the foundation of your marketing and is very important!

Download the Customer Avatar Questionnaire. 

In addition to my Kindle ebook launch, I also announced the first social at The Tribe, startup hub in Vancouver. As a first time event on how to build a tribe, it’s important to start with a smaller live event and ask the crowd questions about their needs. Then adjust based on the insights from the first live event to build out the persona or target audience, before scaling to a larger one. See below for more startup hubs.

The Tribe

Your Positioning Statement For Your Marketing Concept

Shortly after the launch at The Tribe, we invited Kereitsu and Vantec Angel Investors to talk to our members about the following:

  • Is your business investor-ready?
  • Is your product or service offering well-defined and easily communicated?
  • Is it easy for potential investors to grasp how your business will make money?

These are the type of questions our special guest (angel investor) can answer. He’s a member of Vantec, Open Angels and Kereitsu.

We also help a brainstorming session to help participants get clear about their positioning statement.

Find Startups At Startup Hubs Where They Work And Socialize

Vancouver startup hubs include for-profit companies for-good in our community. Startup hubs can take place within government; for-profit sector, nonprofit sector, or in the spaces between them. There are a number of growing startup hubs in Vancouver that help business startups grow. Many of these offer workspace, training and/or investors for eligible startups.

The Arts Factory at 281 Industrial Avenue is a mixed-use arts facility in a transformed warehouse. This cultural hub includes 21,000 square feet of workshops, studios, offices and common spaces. A unique partnership with the City of Vancouver allows us to offer affordable spaces to the local arts community. The Arts Factory houses a mix of emerging and established artists, as well as arts organizations and professionals in the cultural sector. Our studio spaces are primarily geared to serve professional artists working with industrial-based fabrication process, such as sculptures, painting, fabric, wood, and ceramics. The Arts Factory Society is the manager at

Kabuni at 1378 West Pender Street, Vancouver is a collaboration hub where designers can meet with clients to work through designs using Kabuni’s design technology and where local artists and artisans can share their work. The studio holds a series of seminars, lectures and other events that encourage and develop the local design community. The focal point of the studio is Kabuni’s Dream Room, a virtual reality environment conceived specifically for interior design.

Creative Coworkers at 343 Railway Avenue, Vancouver is a non-profit collective of (mostly) creative professionals with the desire to share space and amenities, and build a community together. At over 4500 square feet of space in the edgy and awesome Railtown community, we have an ample amount of space to spread out and work together or independently. The annual membership is $30, and includes two hours of free private meeting space per month, a flight of craft beer from Postmark Brewing, a free coffee from Railtown Cafe and a free lunch voucher from the new delivery service En Root. More info at

The Hive at 210 – 128 West Hastings, Vancouver supports and amplifies the social impact sector in Vancouver; The Hive does this by mixing one-part shared-space with one-part collaboration and a dash of love. The community is made up of over 150 individuals and organizations within the social entrepreneurship, sustainability, tech and creative sectors all working to make the world a better place. More info at

Decentral Vancouver is located at 436 W. Pender Street, Downtown Vancouver. It has been a staple in the Vancouver cryptocurrency scene since its inception in February 2014. Vancouver stands as a Bitcoin hub with over 50 merchants accepting and thanks to the Bitconiacs and Bitcoin Coop, received the world’s first Bitcoin ATM. Decentral Vancouver is a Disruptive Community Incubator inspired by the ideas behind Bitcoin, Decentralization, and the Open Source movement. We offer shared workspace with our membership program at

Groundwell at 566 Powell Street, Vancouver includes an eight-month training program to help young people launch co-ops, non-profits, and social enterprises in Vancouver, transforming the economy in the process. It is based on three interweaving threads: 1) Personal development: understanding strengths and passions, goals, dreams and hopes, 2) Professional development: the everyday hard skills needed to build a project, and contribute effectively to existing organizations and 3) Project development: conceiving, building and launching a project, alone or with colleagues. Discover Groundswell at at 105 – 211 East Georgia Street, Vancouver combines profit and social impact that lead to success in the most fulfilling and complete sense of the word. Spring partners with purpose-driven, for-profit startups and empower them to create positive change. The organization believes in 360 degree superior returns. That is, superior returns for not only investors and customers, but also for employees, supply chain vendors, the community, the environment, and beyond. Learn more about Spring at

Urban Oaziz at 1445 West Georgia St. is a co-working community centred on sustainable urban development, including innovative architecture & design, green tech, socio-economic development, and more. We foster collaboration and valuable connections in an inspiring, supportive community with the goal of resolving social and environmental challenges through international partnerships and cutting-edge solutions. For more information and rates, visit

Zen Launchpad at 288 East 1st Street is the premier North Shore startup hub and collaborative workspace! As an incubator and accelerator, entrepreneurs, social enterprises, small businesses — and even innovative business units of large companies — can get support and a jump start on developing their ideas. New companies and social enterprises can transform their early ideas into functioning offerings while existing companies can add state of the art features on to their day-to-day, core products. Zen Launchpad offers a creative working space, tools, cutting edge training, and networking opportunities with other innovative professionals and investors. Read more at

Sauder S3i (The Centre for Social Innovation & Impact Investing) at 221–181 Keefer Place Vancouver, runs a variety of programs in partnership with the Sauder School of Business MBA program, and several independent programs at UBC for their undergraducate, MBA and graduate students, as well as incubation for social entrepreneurs and ventures. Learn more their traning for tomorrow’s leaders at

SFU Radius at 90 – 425 Carrall Street Vancouver, provides three main programs: 1) RADIUS Edu With people as our starting point, RADIUS Edu is re-imagining how we support the learning journeys of emerging changemakers, 2) RADIUS Lab Systems focused, RADIUS Lab works with community partners to understand problems and design, test and launch interventions and 3) RADIUS Ventures built to amplify promising solutions, RADIUS Ventures partners with impact ventures to get them market, growth and investor-ready. Get more details about this at

Foresight Cleantech Accelerator Centre at 12960 84th Avenue, Unit 210, Surrey BC can facilitate introductions to clean tech investors. Foresight is is British Columbia’s first clean technology accelerator, launched in April 2013. Foresight is funded by the BC Innovation Council to deliver their Venture Acceleration Program (VAP) to clean technology companies in British Columbia. The BC Venture Acceleration Program is a paid, structured, venture growth program designed to guide, coach and grow ambitious early stage technology entrepreneurs and effectively grow their technology ventures. Learn more at

BC VentureLabs Accelerator is located at 320 – 887 Great Northern Way, Vancouver, BC. VentureLabs® is a partner of the BC Acceleration Network and works collaboratively with other technology accelerators located across British Columbia. The VentureLabs® Venture Acceleration Program pairs entrepreneurs with highly experienced Executives-in-Residence (EiR) who advise on product and market validation, development or refinement of a positioning statement and customer value proposition, and validation of your business model. Visit for more information.

Technology and Social Innovation Centre at 312 and 324 Main Street, Vancouver is the future site of the city’s Technology and Social Innovation Centre. It will support a broad range of entrepreneurs, social innovators, and non-profit organizations through incubation and acceleration programming, and through offering business services, financing and training for a variety of sectors including technology start-ups, sustainability and clean-tech, social enterprise, and micro-enterprise. Read more

The Tribe – at 401-68 Water Street is a collaboration space for tech companies, entrepreneurs and startups where we provide an amazing office space with great amenities such as free printing and copy, meeting room, mailbox and bike storage. We also provide a huge variety of services that includes legal advice, taxation, accountability, market research, graphic design and much more. We are located in the heart of Gastown, Vancouver and we help every single individual for the next round of financing. Find more about us on our website: