Live Events Conversions Higher Than Recorded Webinars

Meeting at Meetups Are More Personal and Effective

With startup marketing, Meetup helps you meet prospects or JV partners offline at live events. Face-to-face selling, or offline conversions will always be more powerful than online conversions, particularly recorded webinars that are static videos.

If you were to sell to someone offline, the customer has the opportunity to see your face, observe your emotions and ask you questions in real time. The result is very powerful and will affect your closing ratio massively.

It is much easier to promote and sell offline at a live event. So if you can get your buyers to events, there will be a much higher chance for you to close them. You can ask them questions to help determine your problem-solution fit for your positioning statement. You can also sign them up to your product or service on the spot to validate your business opportunity.

Meetups help build your network (warm market). When you meet with people in your network and talk with them, you may discover you share many of the same desires. If you are ambitious, they may want to work with you as a joint venture or referral partner.

Quick Guide on Organizing a Live Event or Meetup

3 Weeks Before
1) Plan to schedule a new Meetup Event.
2) Search for ideas from other Meetup Groups, members’ ideas, local papers and websites.
3) Select a format style: Activity, class, networking, support, presentation, etc.
4) Find and pick the right venue for your Meetup Event.
5) Preparing for the Meetup Event: Strategy for posting and charging members.

2 Weeks Before
1) Creating your Meetup Event: Fill out each field appropriately: title, location, image, etc.
2) Develop a standard template for the description all your Meetup Events.
3) Get people to sign up early to your Meetup Event: Friends, Family and Members.
4) Promote your Meetup Event: Printed material, Facebook, Twitter, Craigslist and Email.

1 Day Before
1) Contact the venue you will have the Meetup Event to confirm they are expecting you.
2) Contact your assistant organizers and the “Yes” and “Maybe” RSVP’s with any last minute details; include your contact information and reminders of items to bring if necessary.
3) Review responses to any questions and print out the attendee summary to check people in at the Meetup Event.
4) Prepare all the items you will need and have it ready for tomorrow: Name tags, signs for people to find you, camera, directions, etc.

Day of the Meetup Event
1) Leave early, get to the Meetup Event location at least 30 minutes early.
2) Start your Meetup Event on time!
3) When members arrive: Greet them, take attendance, have an ice-breaker to have them start socializing with others.
4) Take pictures and videos.
5) Say goodbye and thank them for coming out.

After the Meetup Event
1) Edit RSVP’s for those that did not attend.
2) Post pictures and upload videos.
3) Send a follow up email and include: a thank you, links to the pictures and videos, and acknowledgements to anyone who helped out.
4) Read comments that members posted about the Meetup Event and the venue.
5) If money was involved, update the money module within Meetup’s Site.

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