Why Add Email Signup on Your Facebook Events?

To Build a List and Generate Leads from Facebook Events

You can create a lead generation system by adding an email signup for marketing for your Facebook events. Keep in mind that this is only effective if your audience is present on Facebook.

For example, visit MailChimp on Facebook, you’ll see that they have a signup that takes you to Mailchimp. If you follow MailChimp or are looking for an email solution, the offer may be of interest to you.

Facebook is an ideal opportunity to convert prospects into leads. They’re already searching for information and solutions. It’s a great place for you to include an opt-in form and offer, get them on your website, and engage them with your business. Therefore, you’ll also need to implement strong opt-in offers to help create consistent cash flow and repeat business.

How to Invite Your Email Contacts to Your Events

MailChimp is quick and free if you have less than 2000 contacts. It’s also one of the easiest if not easiest of Email Service Providers (ESPs). MailChimp offers mobile-friendly email templates that make emails look good on any device. Users can choose from professionally designed templates or create their own.

Also by having an opt-in form on your site or a signup from Facebook with MailChimp, you’ll be able to grow your list online. You’ll be able to see the results of your email campaign, including the rate open and how it performed against industry standards.

Here are 6 tips for improving the success of your emails:

Tip 1: Use Plain Text – Only use plain text with no fancy backgrounds, colors or cute little graphics. You want black words on a white background. Anything else is too hard to read and cannot be properly handled by some emails.

Tip 2: Use a Maximum of 60 Characters per Line – Don’t type all the way across the page as it’s too hard to read. Plus, some emails will automatically break the line off at 65 to 70 characters anyways. This can really ruin the readability of your email if you haven’t formatted it correctly in the first place.

Tip 3: Use Short Sentences – Look at the sentences in this email and you’ll notice they are all relatively short. This makes them much easier to read on your screen. Whenever possible, break up your sentences. This makes it easier for someone to read your message.

Tip 4: Use Short Paragraphs – The rule of thumb is four short sentences. Anything more is too hard to read and causes the reader to delete your message without even reading it. Leaving “white space” in between sentences actually, helps the “flow” of the message. It’s easier on the eye and increases the consumption of your message.

Tip 5: Do Not Use All CAPS – There are several reasons for not using all caps:

  • Using all caps is considered shouting at your reader.
  • All caps can make reading difficult.
  • Many of the email filters will bounce emails that use excessive caps.

You’ll increase your odds of your emails getting through to your reader. And you’ll make it easier for your readers to read once they get it by eliminating all caps.

Tip 6: Keep Your Email Short and Compelling

Most people reading emails look for what’s in it for them. You must make it compelling to read with good headlines and make it easy to read. If it’s not compelling, short and easy, they’ll delete your email.

Tip 7: Add an Email Signup

You can create a lead generation system by adding a signup on your Facebook page. Keep in mind that this is only effective if your audience is present on Facebook.

How to Build An Email List

There are three methods I’ve used since 2012 to grow my list to over 1000 contacts:

  1. Gather business cards for prize draws with an event box
  2. Asking or emailing contacts to add them to your list for upcoming events
  3. Running Facebook Ad campaign to your sign up email opt-in form

I ran a Facebook Ad campaign for $10 to my Facebook Page to fans and their friends to invite people to a joint venture business mixer. I gained over 30 new subscribers.

Facebook Post:


Landing Page or Squeeze Page:

Network with business owners and professionals in Vancouver

We’ve hosted successful business & social mixers for up to 300 guests since 2012. Our mixers are usually free to attend! Join our VIP list and get invited to the next mixer!


How Does a Squeeze Page Work?

You will need a squeeze page to collect leads. A squeeze page is a type of web page that has a short sales letter and an opt-in box. Typically, you use the squeeze page to collect names and email addresses by giving away something like a free report. There are a few elements a successful squeeze page should always have:

1. A great headline
2. Convincing bullet points
3. A clean, professional design
4. A great offer

As with sales pages, the headline is perhaps the most important part of a squeeze page. The headline should grab attention and get people to read the rest of your message. It’s a good idea to test various headlines until you find one that increases your opt-in rate.

Bullet Points
The bullet points on your squeeze page will need to convince people that your free offer is worth giving you their email address. Try to be somewhat mysterious, because mystery sells.

The design of your squeeze page should be clean and professional. If it looks too amateurish, people may worry that you’re a spammer. If the design is too “busy”, it may detract from your message. Keep your design simple, but attractive.

Why Create a Free Incentive Offer for Your Opt-in?

Since it’s an incentive offer that you are giving away to your list, the report could be as short as 10 pages in length. In fact, it’s usually best to keep it shorter as the report is only used to introduce your newsletter to your subscribers, and to begin establishing and building a relationship with your list. Warm them up, but don’t give everything away!

You want to take your time creating a value proposition that will motivate visitors into becoming confirmed subscribers. Your goal is to position yourself within your market and stand out by offering something of distinct value that they can’t find anywhere else.

So How do You Create a Strong Opt-in Offer?

  1. Know Your Ideal Customer

Have a complete and accurate understanding about who your customers are. Take a look at them from both a demographic and a psychographic perspective. Understand why they buy from you, when they buy from you, and what’s most important to them.

  1. Identify the Key Problem

What’s the biggest and most pressing problem that your ideal customer is facing? What pains are they experiencing and what emotions do they want to feel? Your opt-in will be part of the solution. For example, if your customer is feeling like they are out of control financially, you might create an opt-in offer that helps them feel more in control. It might be a pocket guide or a workbook.

  1. Get Creative with Your Value

There are dozens of different ways that you can offer value. A free report is one example of a common opt-in offer. It’s accessible, not too long, or too short, and it’s easy to brand. However, go a step farther and consider offering something a bit different from what everyone else is offering.

Examples of Free Incentive Offers for Your Opt-in

Free Report

Consider offering visitors with a free, condensed report focusing on a problem in the market.

Titles like “Top 10 _____”, or “Top Mistakes In ___” will draw attention, and if you struggle to write, it’s always easier to create reports in bullet point format.

Free Ebook

Get your hands on quality private label content and revamp an information product around your chosen niche. Make sure that the content is of high quality, edited and polished before distribution.

You could also add a URL to another offer directly within the ebook, or even a link to your own personal website or blog. Allow your subscribers to pass it around to others and let it go viral!

Note: Make sure your ebook is in PDF format, so that it’s viewable on all computer operating systems.

Free Online Course

Provide visitors with a weekly training lesson or tutorial focusing on common problems in your market.  Each week you can set your autoresponder to automatically deliver fresh editions, and if you’re not sure how to populate your autoresponder with content, consider purchasing high quality private label ebooks or reports where you can siphon content into bite-sized lessons.

Free Consultation or Coaching

Depending on the time you have to spare, and whether you have an existing offer in place to upsell to subscribers, you could consider offering a short consultation session, through Skype.

Not only will this help to set you apart from others in your market, but it’s a great way to develop a reputation as an authority in your niche!

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