FAQs: Online Coaching

For Ethical Entrepreneurs to Start Locally, Then Grow Globally

What is an Ethical Business?

This site provides solutions for ethical service providers who are value-based. Why ethical? My clients include a legal marketing agency with practicing and non-practicing lawyers, specializing in law firms, a fintech company with a corporate social responsibility program, specializing in software security for major financial institutions and a financial services company with regulatory and compliance requirements.

I’m the co-founder of The Art Party, endorser of Earth Charter® for a just, sustainable, and peaceful planet. Our tribe includes creatives and changemakers, starting locally in Vancouver and growing globally.

What is Earth Charter®?

The Art Party, endorser of Earth Charter® participated in the annual Earth Charter Day at DUDOC Vancouver, an Earth Charter® partner. Earth Charter® is an initiation with the United Nations.

Driven by the Earth Charter®, Earth Charter Cities inspires and supports people everywhere to create communities that are healthy, inclusive and sustainable. We are a collaborative movement, bringing together passionate amateurs, experts and organizations to inspire exponential improvements in key principle areas of the Earth Charter® and Earth Charter Cities Manifesto.

What is The Art Party?

The Art Party is co-producing workshops at The Tribe, tech startup collaboration space in 2017 to help 270 creatives and changemakers get their projects funded. Changemakers are the force of social evolution and every one of us can become one through collaboration and being part of something greater. Crowdfunding already has a successful track record funding artistic and creative projects, or community-oriented social entrepreneurship projects.

The Art Party had built up an audience of over 10,000 social media contacts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in Vancouver. As endorser of Earth Charter® for a just, sustainable, and peaceful planet and participated in the annual Earth Charter Day at DUDOC Vancouver, The Art Party promotes events that inspire changemakers.

The Art Party target audience or persona is involved in social innovation, a conscious business person and is savvy. With the advice of Spring, The Art Party spun off Vancouver Social Innovation Meetup in 2015 for “conscious + savvy innovators”. The Meetup grew to over 1,000 members in 2016. Having the alignment of the persona representing the tribe to the messaging for the crowdfunding event resulted in a high turnout with a lot of audience engagement, offline and online. The live event speakers covered:

  • The difference between rewards-based crowdfunding, fundraising & equity crowdfunding.
  • Why some campaigns fail and others succeed.
  • Strategies for planning and launching a successful rewards-based campaign.
  • How to use Facebook Ads to build your social media following and promote your campaign.

What is Your Marketing Experience?

In 2001, I joined AQUENT, a creative outsourcing agency which lead to my first contract as direct-response copywriter at BCAA for insurance products (auto, travel, home and life) and membership services. A few years later, I was contracted to HSBC as a marketing manager in the asset management division. Other AQUENT contracts involved digital projects for content marketing.

For the first 10 years of my marketing career, I focused on corporate jobs and contracts. In 2013, I started to work with service providers: IT consultants, web developers, lawyers, accountants, mortgage brokers and financial advisors.

Why Marketing Startup Secrets?

Outside of small business and corporate work, I’ve had over 20 solopreneurs ask for help with their website launch. I taught myself the basics of a WordPress in 2017. Helping people with their WordPress site is a natural fit as a digital marketer. This site and all my landing pages are built on OptimizePress, which I found to be the easiest to use after many trials and errors. For email service providers (ESPs), I use Mailchimp and Mailerlite as they are easy to use – and I have my own branded website with original content in Membership.

RESUME: Digital Marketing (2001 to 2017)

Do You Have Experience With Startups?

Not only do I have experience working with a tech startup (SaaS model), a division of an IT consulting firm, I’ve been a member of First Canadian Barter Exchange (FCBE) for over 10 years providing SEO copywriting, content marketing and events. I’ve worked with over a dozen solopreneurs, startups and micro businesses. FCBE has over 600 members in Metro Vancouver. FCBE is a type of referral agency.

In 2014 and 2015, I attended Spring startup workshops. Spring is a global startup school for social impact entrepreneurs with over 300 alumni around the world. Courses are made for entrepreneurs at any stage of their business and can be combined to create a comprehensive startup experience from ideation to the closing of your first round of funding. 

In 2017, I completed all Digital Prosperity Programs, 21-Step Top Tier Side Income System, Silver Masterclass online training and Gold Masterclass training for automating the online sales funnel. For 2018, I’m up-leveling my Solo Ads skills – best paid traffic for newbies.

Does Online Coaching Work to Market Your Business?

I first experienced 1-to-1 online coaching end of 2007. To learn online marketing quickly in a few months, I started a niche site for “cosplay” (costume play) with 40 content pages, several Youtube videos, sales page with opt-in, email autoresponders and backlinks from directories and busy article marketing sites.

The result was over 1 million visits 2 years later and I became a “virtual cyber-celebrity”… This was timed during the year-long Fashion Institute Technology (FIT) Museum of New York’s Exhibition for gothic styles. The niche site sold ebooks for gothic theatre makeup, elaborate hairstyles and fantasy costumes, which created the magic and play, while marketing automation, content marketing and SEO produced the online system.

So yes, online coaching absolutely works! 🙂 It helped me with my digital marketing career for the last decade. It’s more cost-effective than on-site in-person visits. You can avoid the hassle of commuting. And you get to be in the comfort of your own home or office. Here’s how you can discover the benefits of email coaching to start your business online affordably.

Who is Zoe, Mascot for Ethical Entrepreneurs?


Zoe is my calico cat with green eyes and she brings good luck for startups and solopreneurs. She lives with me and hangs out while I work from home office as a marketing coach. She’ll want to also greet you with Mew if we’re on Zoom or Skype. Calicos are believed to bring good luck in the folklore of many cultures, including the US, and is referred to as money cats.

The symbol of the money cat is aka as the lucky cat in Feng Shui; it is most commonly used in businesses, such as retail stores, restaurants and offices open to the public. The lucky cat or money cat is mainly used as a wealth and prosperity cure, as well to attract good luck. 🙂

Why Marketing Startup Secrets Membership?

The membership area includes original marketing workshops with real paid attendees. To succeed in an online business, one must create new and fresh content regularly. There is a huge number of competitors in the affiliate space, many with years of experience.

Therefore, it is important to create your own original content marketing on your site and email communications to convert leads into prospects into customers. And that will also help you stand out as a perceived expert and become an authority.

Step-by-Step Guide No Filler Content for QUICKEST Way to Get Started:

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I’ll be showing you exactly what you need to do here:

  • STEP 1: How to Setup Your Sales Funnel Quickly and Easily Today.
  • STEP 2: How to Get the Right Offers With Upsells for Your Traffic.
  • STEP 3: How to Find the Right Traffic to Build Your Email List.

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