Facebook Group Sales Incentives

How To Promote Facebook Groups Sales Incentives

Happy New Year 2019! To start the year off, here’s how to promote to Facebook Groups using sales incentives as a way to enhance your offers. Big advertisers such as Hilton, Marriott, Ramada, and other Fortune 500 companies have been leveraging dining and vacation incentives for years prior to online advertising. Now small business owners can leverage the same sales incentives tactic used for years before the internet was born.

Local small businesses such real estate companies, insurance agencies, finance companies, car dealerships, event-based organizations and any other industry can finally leverage dining and travel incentives to close more sales. You can even use it as a joint venture marketing strategy.

For example, I had a joint venture with Golden Brush Art to promote their early bird event tickets using dining and vacation giveaways as sales incentives. Before I could even finish editing the Facebook event, someone already contacted me about buying the early bird event ticket! That’s when I realized this works. So I contacted another event producer for his Entrepreneurs Mastermind to provide vacation getaways for his 20 VIP members. In return, I asked for a VIP upgrade.

Example of Facebook Group Membership Incentives

Here’s an example to grow your Facebook Group members with dining, entertainment and travel incentives: The Art Party is a social networking community for creatives and changemakers in Metro Vancouver.

The Art Party has grown to over 1,000 Facebook Fans and almost 2,000 Facebook Members, mostly in Metro Vancouver. The social networking community has produced and cross-promoted over 50 local art shows, networking events and workshops for creatives and changemakers.

The Art Party is now offering annual memberships with dining, entertainment and travel incentives to warm and sunny places like Mexico and Vegas. Metro Vancouver is a cold, wet and gloomy place for almost half a year, where locals ubiquitously complain about the weather. Vancouver has been infamously called an “Ice Age Rainforest” on a popular TV show, X-Files. Therefore, the key message is an irresistible offer running from December 2018 to April 2019 – enabling Vancouverites to escape from the rain!

Join. Get A Vacation Getaway Of Your Choice!

2019 Annual Local Memberships: Act Now Before They’re Gone!

$49 VIP Member: 2 Golden Brush Art Tickets ($30 Value for 1 of 3 Events in 2019) + Dining / Entertainment Certificates ($100 Value) + Vacation Getaway ($499 Value*) + Other Exclusive Invitations From The Art Party!

Choose vacation getaways from one of these exotic and sunny locations!

Acapulco, Bali, Branson, Cancun, Daytona Beach, Gatlinburg, Koh Samui, Las Vegas, Mazatlan, Myrtle Beach, Neuvo Vallarta, Orlando, Phuket, Puerto Penasco, Tenerife or Williamsburg


Want the Opportunity to Give Away Free Vacations to Your Leads, Prospects and Clients?http://lizajlee.com/incentives

Sounds Too Good To Be True? Well It Isn’t – Plug into the Exact System We Used to Give Away over 315,000 Trips http://lizajlee.com/incentives

Golden Brush Art: Vancouver company with the purpose of showcasing talented artists through live painting. We spotlight amazing artists and their artwork through our signature Battle of the Brush live painting competition held 3 times per year. We also showcase the artists through private events held by local companies and at weddings. To date, we have worked with over 200 Vancouver artists and have held over 30 shows. https://www.goldenbrushart.com/

The Art Party: Began as a promotional campaign for the Main Art Drift – local small businesses supporting local artists on Main Street, Vancouver in 2010. Today, The Art Party is a social networking community and endorser of Earth Charter® principles for a just, sustainable and peaceful planet. We are a few human and robot volunteers.http://theartparty.org


Join Referral Program. Dining Advantage® Certificates / BookVIP® Vacation Getaway

How Coupon Incentives Turned Into A Social Experiment About Mindset

What started off as a potential membership incentive campaign has turned into an interesting social experiment. Only a few wealthy friends / business associates could accept the possibility of receiving 3-nights free luxury hotel accommodation just because they believe it’s valuable at $499.

The others just can’t believe it cause it’s too good to be true. In fact one friend / business associate became quite hostile towards me! If these other friends just asked me how this is possible, here is a logical and rational answer:

Big advertisers such as Hilton, Ramada, and other Fortune 500 companies have been leveraging vacation incentives for years prior to online advertising. I’ve worked in corporate marketing so I know vacation getaways are commonly used as sales incentives, referral rewards and customer acquisition contests.

This travel company has been in business since 2008 and has over 1 million customers. Over 600,000 bookings were on the discount program, while the other 315,000 were on the free program. The company has 22,000 video testimonials from satisfied customers.

Why Incentives Are Used In Customer Acquisition Campaigns

I was on a barter exchange for over 10 years and know hotel rooms are never 100% fully occupied and printed magazines and newspapers are never 100% sold out for their ad space. That’s why a small percentage of rooms and ad spaces are on barter or are given away for free to build VIP relationships.

Giving away free rooms is part of the customer acquisition process as these rooms are a fixed cost whether or not they are occupied. Hotels know customers will spend money on their restaurants, bars, casinos, spas and may even become repeat customers, bringing in more revenues.

Mindset Issues Prevent People From Receiving Greater Abundance

The outcome of this potential membership incentive campaign is that it’s easier to give free things to people with an abundance mindset. Wealthy people are more willing to receive gifts. There are practical reasons for this too. If a person is broke, they can’t afford the airfare or may not even have free airmiles to get to the destination. The conclusion is vacation incentives can only be given to VIPs or to invite people like angel investors to a private event. No wonder the rich get richer!

No More Events From The Art Party And Refocusing For 2019

I will no longer be hosting any events except for one private one mentioned, which I committed to. It’s not worth my time, there are hassles with potential scammers and using incentives do not work. These are all signs from the universe – wrong way. Stop! Go focus on something else.

For 2019, there are warnings about a global recession, my focus is first and foremost on mindset, starting with an attitude of gratitude. That is the first factor in attracting greater abundance. Being grateful for what I already have and being grateful for all the little things too, will lead to being grateful for unexpected good luck. Already 2019 is looking good with a new role January 2… Thank you for reading this.

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