Kindle Ebook: Marketing Step-by-Step Guide ($7)

Quick & Easy Tools to Get You More Sales: Mobile Marketing for Micro Businesses

Most small businesses in Canada and US have 5 or fewer employees. These are called micro businesses. The lines between business development, marketing and sales are often blurred for these solo-entrepreneurs to micro businesses.

This ebook is based on working with successful service providers who are self-made millionaires. It includes the SECRETS these successful micro-businesses used to create financial freedom and leave lasting legacies.

This guide will help you get more sales using mobile marketing tools, as well as real strategies that have stood the test of time.

You’ll also learn about a passive income back-end system to generate sales leads 24/7.

Marketing Step-by-Step Guide Chapters

1. 2 Mobile Marketing Apps to Start

Facebook and Meetup With Email / Messenger for Micro Businesses

2. 10 More Mobile Marketing Tools

10 More Free or Free Mobile Apps for Micro Businesses

QUESTIONNAIRE: Develop Your Customer Avatar          

3. Micro Branding

Overcoming Visibility Issues and the Secret to Your Branding    

4. Why Use Joint Ventures?

Resource Audit, Examples and How to Use Joint Ventures            

5. How to Get Referrals

From Reciprocal, Ambassador, Client to Barter Referrals                                                                          

6. Why Use Social Media?

Communities, Causes, Brand Association and Sharing Content                                 

7. 10 Steps to Use Facebook Events

Learn How to Get Leads With Facebook                                              

8. How to Use Meetup Events

About, How to Setup, Get More Attendees and Schedule                                                                       

9. 10 Email Marketing Tips

Email Copywriting, Email Signup and How to Build Your List                                                                    

10. Blogging to Attract Visitors

SEO Copywriting Steps to Attract Your Target Market

BONUS 1: 10 Marketing Tips on Facebook Groups

BONUS 2: 10 Marketing Tips on Facebook Pages

BONUS 3: 10 Prospecting & Sales Tips for Micro Businesses

BONUS 4: How to Get Passive Income from a Back-End System

EXAMPLES: Crowdfunding Workshop, Kindle Book Launch, and Mixers

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