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[Liza J. Lee – Marketing Startup Secrets] Marketing Coach & Consulting  

My marketing coach & consulting experience includes +50 small businesses, corporations and events since 2001. For the first 10 years of my marketing career, I focused on enterprise corporate jobs and contracts.

In 2013, I started to include small businesses. I learned from some really successful entrepreneurs and documented their wisdom in my ebook: Marketing Step-By-Step Guide: Quick & Easy Tools to Get You More Sales.

I was mid-career January 2016, looking to start an ethical business after receiving a letter of termination from my job. Although my former boss who is a successful business family advisor and angel investor helped me get contracts, but these were temporary…

I learned to hustle with contract work in Vancouver, a very expensive city. I also searched everywhere for a marketing coach and consulting solution… And I found it! It is quite different from marketing I had done. I had to change my mindset for starting and growing an online business…

Why I Started Marketing Coach & Consulting in 2017

I’ve always been creative so I started The Art Party with a Facebook Fan Page and Facebook Group. It grew to over 1,000 email contacts locally. One of themes of The Art Party is “Buy Local to Support Local Art”, working with local small businesses along Main Street, Vancouver. The Art Party grew to over 10,000 social media contacts locally.

I also reached Google Local Guide Level 6 – providing photos and reviews of local businesses, starting in East Vancouver! The appreciation from local business owners has been uplifting and I’m making a real impact in my community. Google founders are real philanthropists and they want to help the “little guy”, not just big advertisers with their Google Local Guide program.

Through The Art Party, we produced a local food & networking event, plus 3 sold-out workshops in 2017. However, these events were too labour-intensive and limited in space. So I had to refocus to an online business to start on the side and sustainably in 2018.

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